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Library Services



Member & Privilege

Applying for CMUL Membership


Come to the Main Library/Nursing library during the service hours.  The procedure is as follows:


Students, Officials, University Employees and other Workers
Membership Type
Required Documents
- Student ID*
- Government official ID
 - Permanent university employee ID
-Permanent worker ID
• Accessing Main Library
• Using all kinds of CMUL services as announced
*New students can use their student ID as a membership card without having to apply for membership.
Students in an exchange program, temporary university employees and the like, part-time instructors of Chiang Mai University
Membership Type
Required Documents
- Student ID
- Employee ID
- Part-time instructor ID
- Letter of certification from the Dean/relevant administrator
- Work contract
1). 200 Baht for a card*
2). 1,000 Baht for damage warrantee**
(Will be returned to the respective person within 45 days after the membership is terminated)
*Will be exempted for a person with a University ID with the magnet bar on it
**Will be exempted if certified by the dean of the respective faculty


Book Reservation

Reservation Service
                If a document from any library in CMU library system , that you would like to borrow,  is already borrowed,  you will be able to make a reservation for it from any library. This process can be done by asking a staff at a circulation counter to manage or to submit a reservation form on your behalf.
Type of materials available:
                All types of books and audio-visual material, except the collection with “not for loan status “  e.g. reference books and rare books.
                Please present your library member card to the staff and provide a call number for a document that you would like to reserve.
Reservation by a library staff:
                The library staff will make a reservation for you and he/she will inform you of the date to receive a document (by looking at a due date of a former borrower).
Submission of a reservation form by yourself:
                The university staff and graduate students from Chiang Mai University are able to submit requisition forms via the online search system, which can be accessed from any location.
                For submission of a reservation form by yourself, you will have to look at a page of the online search system of the library by clicking at icon “Request “  and then typing the first name and last name and your barcode.
Checking for the reservation:
                You will be able to check for the reserved items from CMUL Online Public-Access Catalog, and when the words “ Ready for pickup” appear, you can contact the staff at  the circulation counter to receive the item (s).
                Receiving the reserved items:
                 The reserved document will be kept at the reservation shelf of the circulation counter  for 5 days for general books and for 1 day for reserve books and if you are not able to pick up the book the library will provide a service to the other or move the reserve book to a general shelf.


Document Delivery Services

Document Delivery Service
Document Delivery Service or DDS is a service aimed to deliver documents (books and other material) borrowed by library members to locations not limited to the actual storage place of the requested documents. It allows members  to receive borrowed documents  from any of the following locations: Faculty Libraries / The Institute/ Main Library at Chiang Mai University according to their request. Users of this service will be able to receive documents during regular office hours within 24 hours after submitting their request.
Qualified users for the services:
University staff  and Chiang Mai University students who are library members.
Type and amount of loan items:              
The amount and type of items for borrowing depends on the classification of the library member.
Borrowing period:          
Borrowing period depends on the classification of the library member.
 Service conditions:  
 When returning an item after its due date, the library will fine you according to a rule that is announced by the Main Library.
Service processes:
  (1)    A user fills up required information in the Document Delivery Request Form (DDRF) in Thai or English or submits a form that has already been filled up to the library where he/she intends to receive the documents.
(2)    A library staff receives the form and passes it to the library/libraries where  requested documents are stored.
      (3)    The user waits for the documents to be delivered to the library where he/she submitted the DDRF. 
(Document Delivery Request Form : Thai Form -- English Form)

Interlibrary Loan Service

Interlibrary Loan Service
Qualified users for the service:
                Library members of all types.
Type of resources available:
                Books, texts, research reports, theses, articles.
Number of printed materials  to loan:
                Three items/person (a total of 20 copies per each time for each university).
Loan period:
                One to two weeks.
Service fee:
According to the announcement by Ministry of University Affairs, Subject: an agreement for the service fee of university interlibrary Loan Service  for 2007, a person who would like to receive the service must be responsible for the following items:
-          Loan fee for the original copy of 100 Baht/copy (for delivery the copy by registered mail)
-          Fee for a photocopy of 2 Baht/page
-          Fee for scanning and sending via electronic post system of 5 Baht/page
-          Delivery fee according to the invoice
-          Fee for payment  via a post office  according to Thai post rate
Steps to receive a service (The library will manage processes  for you):
1.       A user fills up information in a form for receiving interlibrary services or submits a form that is already filled up with the required information,  which can be obtained from the library where you intend to receive requested documents.
2.       Contact a staff at a library and pay a deposit (50-100 Baht)/article or 300-500 Baht/photocopies of all book chapters).
3.       When a responsible library staff receives the documents, the library staff will contact you to receive the documents. 
Contact us:
                Telephone:         0-5394-5036, 0-5394-6078
                E-mail:      ,
Living Library, Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University
Living library: a library that provides users with the best comfort facilities, enhances the experience of reading and researching in the warm atmosphere, with comfortable reading corner, group study rooms and individual study rooms, equipped with sofa, comfortable seats and relaxing  corner.  Entertaining yourself with movie and documentary films in our multimedia room as well as getting your best information in our database searching room providing you with lots of training courses.  We serve you with high-speed Internet and wireless.
Services in Living Library
We provide you with various services:
  • Multimedia Room                2 hours at a time
  • Individual Study Room       Forr faculty and graduate students, 3 hours at a time
  • Group Discussion Room  (10  seats)   Equipped with full facilities
  • Training Room        With 20 computers, Screen, Projector
                                                                Should make reservation 3 times per day:
                                                                Morning Time: 8:30-12:00 am
                                                                Afternoon Time: 12:30-16:00 pm
                                                                Evening Time: 16:30 pm - 15 minutes before the closing time
                The exact time can be changed by discussing with library staff.  Please make reservation with our library staff at fl. 1-2.  More information please contact Tel. 053-945031, 6078, 5036, 9080
Library Hours:   
Monday-Friday 8:30 am – 20:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday 12.00 pm - 6.00 pm
                Public holidays closed.
Conditions for using the group discussion rooms:
            1. Please register before using the room.  (Please contact the library staff on the first floor.  Users should inform the staff if any equipment available in group discussion rooms  is required.)
            2. A room should be occupied by a group of at least 5 people and the maximum number of people should not exceed 10-15 (or the equivalent of seats available.) 
           3. Groups may reserve a room for up to two hours in a single day.  Any group who checks in late two times will lose privileges of use for the current semester.
           4. The maximum number of people in a group should be equivalent to the number of available seats provided in each room. Bringing additional chairs or other furniture from other parts of the Lioving Library is prohibited.
          5. No food or beverages are permitted in Group Study Rooms at any time.
           6. Library books or items used in the study rooms have been checked out.
           7. Please do not be loud.
           8. Use of electronic equipment in Group Discussion Rooms is prohibited, except for personal notebook computers.
          9. Use of Group Discussion Rooms for commercial purposes is prohibited.
         10. Please turn off the electricity, air-conditioning and clean up the room after use.  
         11. Failure to respect these rules will result in loss of use privileges for the current semester.



The library has 1 scanners for use by Fon students, faculty, staff and affiliates.
  • The scanners are located on the 2st floor across from the Reference Desk. Scanner computers use  I Photo Plus and Adobe Photoshop .
Reference and research services
     Reference and research services are provided at the reference desk on the second floor of the Library. Reference librarians can help you find information using print and non-print resources. They are available to answer questions, assist with research, and provide technical support when using the computers in the area.

Ask us!

To visit  and  find answers to common questions or chat with Reference Staff
  • Send us an email at
  • Call the Reference Desk at
    053 94-5031
  • Send us a text message at
             093 134-0009




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