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Dr. Susanha: Reproductive Health Leader


Associate Professor Dr. Susanha Yimyam’s research primarily centers on breastfeeding support, but she has a particular interest in developing interventions for marginalized populations. Past projects have included research investigating factors influencing breastfeeding practices among working mothers and from that study, she developed a follow-up study to promote breastfeeding support in the workplace. She is the chair of the newly created Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health. Dr. Susanha is in the final stage of the “Developing a Health Communication System for Reproductive Health for Ethnic Groups” supported by funding from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. The project, conducted through the Center for Sexual and Reproductive Health, is based on her previous experience in creating similar health communication systems among Shan migrant workers, undocumented or informal workers, and women in the workplace. Her current project is focused on Akha, Hmong, and Lahu ethnic minorities residing in Chiang Mai City. The project relies on a collaboration between FON academic staff in mass communication as well as the expertise of the Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health office and the UK-based non-profit MAP Foundation. Dr. Susanha was able to identify participants for the project through community-based Christian groups.
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